• Akibmo.aI - Lower Silesia AI HUB

    We are an organization centralizing AI efforts in Lower Silesia

  • OUR vision

    We believe that the AI revolution has already started. We are here to bring AI to your business.

    Innovation in AI

    Our goal is to work with enterprises & startups to awaken innovation across various domains

    Strategic Partnerships

    We actively support actions related to AI promotion and policymaking

  • Team

    We combine experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.

    Piotr Czapla

    15+ years of hands on experience in helping corporations make sense of the technology trends: Web, Mobile, and now

    Deep Learning.

    Michal Staskiewicz

    Experienced IT leader with a demonstrated history of successfully delivered large scale software projects. Founder of profitable startups.

    Szymon Stoma

    10+ years experience as a scientist. Born entrepreneur. Passionate about Computer Science and Life Science.

    Artur Suchwałko



    20+ years of hands-on experience in project applying Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Mathematical Modeling. Scientific, corporate, and start-up experience.

  • n-waves


    Deep Learning

    Natural Language Processing




    Speciality: Marketing, Customer Service, Startups, AI Transformation.



    Deep Learning

    Reinforcement Learning

    Computer Vision

    Natural Language Processing


    Speciality: Fintech, Lawtech, Industry 4.0



    Machine Learning

    Mathematical Modeling




    Speciality: Banking, Insurance, Collection Agencies, FinTech, Telecoms, Retail, Logistics, Bio-Med



    Computer Vision

    Deep Learning




    Speciality: Life Science, Startups, Robotics, Medtech

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